Ines alpha

Ines alpha is a 3D artist based in Paris, who likes to create enchanted and fantastic dimensions of reality. She worked as art director in advertising with a focus on beauty and luxury, when she started experimenting in 3D. Her first notable work was an AR experimental music video for Panteros666 ‚Baby F16’. After a phase in which she was interested in organic iridescent blobs and weird creatures, Ines developed her passion for virtual makeup and the transformation of the human face.
With her unique style, she pushes boundaries of beauty using 3D and augmented reality. She believes in a future when ‚digitalized bodies‘ will allow for more freedom and people will express an ever expanding desire to transform themselves. Ines tries to fantasize what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like and encourages a fun and creative approach to self expression, with a clear message: ‚We need to de-dramatize beauty!‘