Friends With You

“Welcome to Friends with you. The friends have magic powers never seen before, and are improving lives one person at a time. Share your wishes and desires with your new friends and watch, as everything you ever dreamed of becomes reality! Welcome friends into your heart and home and start living better TODAY!”
This artist duo was created with one basic concept in mind – to become friends with you. Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval combined forces in 2002 and have been rapidly spreading their art around the globe ever since. Originally, their famous characters ‘Malfi’, ‘Boy’ and ‘Mr. TTT’ ventured into the world as hand-sewn plush dolls that provide magic and mayhem for their owners. Lately, they have expanded to modular wooden toys, animations, public art parades and installations with a playful and spiritual atmosphere. With their performances and events, they have toured extensively to Japan, Argentina and Europe, building up an unachieved cult status.

2004 Berlin, 2006 Berlin, 2008 NYC