Acampante was the director of a design firm, one of those that deal with big clients. He also founded one of the biggest design meetings in the world (

All of this could make him be just another young entrepreneur, but one day he left his office and started to write music, stories and basically ignore his former life.
His new “clients” are now all those projects that reflect his purpose: cultural events, music labels or simply anything he feels is true to his vision of goodwill.
In a blackbook where he writes down all his dreams, he started to tell a story: recurrent visits to a beach, two trees, thousand birds, flying bears and a comearboles (tree-eater). This personal project took him to many countries of the world to be part of renowned festivals such as Creamfields, SouthFest, Off Sonar, Resfest, … and now the Pictoplasma Animation Festival.