Pictoplasma Conferences are packed with inspiring talks and presentations by today’s most innovative creators and talents, taking the stage to share a glimpse on their work process, motivation and personal development.

For all those unable to join the annual Pictoplasma Conferences in the flesh, those longing to re-visit the best moments, … or those simply unwilling to wait until the next edition, you can soothe the pain by downloading a HD window into some of the conference’s best artist talks, served as approximately 20-40 minute 720p/1080p mov files for your convenient home education…*

*After purchase through PayPal/Sellfy a download link is automatically sent to your Email. Files are served as 720p/1080p HD mov file (H.264), featuring a small panel with video of the speaker and a large panel with slides synced to the presentation (unless otherwise labeled: stage camera only).

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